Motivation Without Action is Wishful Thinking

How do we maintain a state of motivation and heightened energy for when we need to harness this energy the most when we need it? 

Why is the topic of motivation is so popular? When we think about being motivated in life, it often comes from the desire to change our lives in a specific way. When there isn’t something … Read the rest

Why Haven’t You Become The Person You Want To Be In Life?

Nothing starts off a read like self-reflection with a little assertiveness. I want you to think about the topic title. The mission of this post is to get you to start engaging with yourself in a way that invokes that which you suppress and what holds you back from what you want in life. Think about why you have not … Read the rest

The “Fight” is Against Yourself Always

Being an Entrepreneur is a hard life, seriously. As I emerge more and more into my ventures, the challenges are seemingly endless, with less support around me. 

I was born in sales and had always been in sales from my teenage years to late 2016. I went from selling phones to selling cars to now selling what I want to … Read the rest