Motivation Without Action is Wishful Thinking

How do we maintain a state of motivation and heightened energy for when we need to harness this energy the most when we need it? 

Why is the topic of motivation is so popular? When we think about being motivated in life, it often comes from the desire to change our lives in a specific way. When there isn’t something … Read the rest

How Your Life Is Shaped Through Your Mindset and Values

Unbeknownst to you, your daily decisions and actions are thoughts guided by two very subtle yet powerful results to your observations. Your mindsets and values are what shape your life. If you aren’t aware of how you receive information and how you respond both internally and externally, life itself can be driving your car and steering your wheel.

Your decisions … Read the rest

The “Fight” is Against Yourself Always

Being an Entrepreneur is a hard life, seriously. As I emerge more and more into my ventures, the challenges are seemingly endless, with less support around me. 

I was born in sales and had always been in sales from my teenage years to late 2016. I went from selling phones to selling cars to now selling what I want to … Read the rest

Happy Holidays of Gratitude with Awareness

Happy Holidays! If you are lucky enough to spend time with loved ones, I implore you to be humble and present with them. As we get older, and as life goes on, keeping up with family can elude the mind and create an absence in the heart that could be too easy to ignore. 

If you are someone that yearns … Read the rest

What is Your Life Outside the Box?

Are you living life outside of the box?

What do you consider living outside of the box? What does that look like? How does this phrase make sense to you, and how do you think it makes sense to others? Very rarely do we often find ourselves in a position where we are considering how others think and act in … Read the rest

The Actionable Narrative: We Can Do Better than One-Dimensionality

*This is not a “new age” post*

Welcome back to the philosophical party! I was reminiscing on some ideas about reality, and I wanted to share the several angles I thought about to maybe come to some sense of a consensus on the following question.

What the hell do we do with all this dimensional overlay in our/your/this reality, and

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