Motivation Without Action is Wishful Thinking

How do we maintain a state of motivation and heightened energy for when we need to harness this energy the most when we need it? 

Why is the topic of motivation is so popular? When we think about being motivated in life, it often comes from the desire to change our lives in a specific way. When there isn’t something … Read the rest

The Importance of Presence in Relation to People & Your Life

When I was younger, I used to never think about what was best for me. I more identified with what disrupts the harmony of a social dynamic. Many people lead lives with the conditioned focus and value on others. In this I post, I am going to talk a little about where we put our attention. Topics will include life-space, … Read the rest

How To Listen To Your Inner Voice


You may become uncomfortable and unsteady reading the post. Stay present, and explore.

What would life be like if we never listened to ourselves? What do we want on a deep level? That should be an easy visualization. Some people have not realized that they have an inner voice, but they choose to ignore this voice for things that … Read the rest

How to Clearly Communicate with Definition and Context

Good communication is hard to obtain when two people are subscribing their meanings to what each other are saying. 

For example,

You’re talking to a romantic partner about something that means a lot to you. Let’s say the example is how big of a deal it is to open up about feelings you have towards your partner. However, when you … Read the rest