How to Clearly Communicate with Definition and Context

Good communication is hard to obtain when two people are subscribing their meanings to what each other are saying. 

For example,

You’re talking to a romantic partner about something that means a lot to you. Let’s say the example is how big of a deal it is to open up about feelings you have towards your partner. However, when you … Read the rest

Perseverance and a Reflection on Hardship

2020 has been a trying year so far. As usual, the year is, without hesitation, throwing at me many challenges that could appear to be insurmountable. Then, within this chaos of keeping the mental discord of my troubles at arm’s length, I started to think about all the tribulations I’ve faced. I started to think about all the hardships that … Read the rest

What is Your Life Outside the Box?

Are you living life outside of the box?

What do you consider living outside of the box? What does that look like? How does this phrase make sense to you, and how do you think it makes sense to others? Very rarely do we often find ourselves in a position where we are considering how others think and act in … Read the rest

The Actionable Narrative: We Can Do Better than One-Dimensionality

*This is not a “new age” post*

Welcome back to the philosophical party! I was reminiscing on some ideas about reality, and I wanted to share the several angles I thought about to maybe come to some sense of a consensus on the following question.

What the hell do we do with all this dimensional overlay in our/your/this reality, and

Read the rest