I am all about bringing power and freedom to the individual. Most of my projects like “Evolve – Learn, Live, Thrive” and “Hammurabi Trading” are centered around personal evolution, personal development, and community. I love hot tubs, play billiards, and defrag reality as I perceive it.

Hi, I’m Daniel Speiss – Solutionist, thinker, and motivator. My soul purpose is to extend my collective experience to the people who need it most, anywhere in the world.

My goal is to create platforms that can help others find their purpose, their sense of security, and their sense of independence. My future goal is to help many people at scale in public speaking and venture capital. 

I’m driven by personal evolution. I have an innate desire to help others find mental, spiritual, and economic equanimity. My first experience of changing someone’s life came from my first coaching client. After some sessions, my client disappeared only to reach out months later saying, how, because of those sessions with me his life transformed. During that time my client disappeared, relinquished his current challenges and traveled the world. Since that experience, I have been hooked on helping others transform their lives.

I believe that happiness and joy are brought about through self-awareness, an evolving mindset, and taking action on personal discoveries. pursuing our interests, desires, and integrating and participating in a community is the center points to this happiness. 

My biggest accomplishments have always been intertwined with his personal and professional life. I have had the dream of running my own organization and now I am currently operating as I have always wanted. From a young age, I wanted to work for myself. At past employers, I saw how things could be optimized, or changed to solve organizational problems. With the frustration of corporate bureaucracy, I also had the vision of one day working independently, leading his own businesses where I would be able to focus on innovation and make a difference for both his employees and clients.

What I Do



Programs (Coming Soon)


Owner at Speiss C&C, LLC. (2020 – Current)
Speiss C&C focuses on results-based solutions that can easily integrate into the user’s needs. Products and services are both offered in a commercial and end-user capacity.

Owner at Hammurabi Trading (2020 – Current)
Hammurabi Trading is founded on the ideas of King Hammurabi and his 282 code of laws and needing to be principled as a day trader. As a trader, it is essential to maintain your emotional and mental integrity while trading. Without a code, without a set of principles to operate under, you will slowly give up your wealth to the market, and to others who have bested you.

Assistant Engineer at Witty & Rhyme Engineering Corp. (2019 – Current)
Duties include data entry, project management, advising, financial reporting, and audits.

Life Coach & Cofounder at MBTV (2016 – 2018)
Coaching clients in the areas of communication, relationships, and dating. Creating communication-specific content, analytics, branding, marketing, and employee/project management.

Vehicle Exchange Consultant at Gatorland Toyota (2018 – 2019)
Responsible for sales and operations in the “Vehicle Exchange” department; creating new sales opportunities with not-in-market prospects. Work functions included but were not limited to:

Creative Solutions/Strategy. New Business Development, Nurturing cold market prospects to the point of sale within their service visit. Setting Appointments. Marketing Campaigns. Brand Awareness. Coordinate opportunities with service staff. Negotiating terms of the agreement. Product demonstration. Consultative needs analysis. Daily task objectives (calls, emails, appointments) Comprehensive customer service. Maintain a 96% or higher in SCI. (Customer Service Indicator) Trade Evaluations & conditions reports. Generate sales and other progress reports. Managing my own personal CRM to track and monitor performance.

Volunteer & Projects

Online “Listener” at 7Cups (2015 – Current)
Therapist or “listener.” Accomplished “Active Listening Level 6” certification. Listening to over 500+ individuals around the world in the areas of mental health and other topics.

Content Creator at “Evolve- Learn, Live, Thrive” (2015 – Current)
Evolve is a YouTube & podcast initiative to serve the global community of individuals who are looking to evolve their life/reality, to pursue a lifestyle of freedom, independence, and to be the best versions of themselves.

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