Hammurabi Trading

(Coming soon in 2021)

Hammurabi Trading is founded on the ideas of King Hammurabi and his 282 code of laws and needing to be principled as a day trader. As a trader, it is essential to maintain your emotional and mental integrity while trading. Without a code, without a set of principles to operate under, you will slowly give up your wealth to the market, and to others who have bested you. This channel will provide you with the following: –

Live Day Trading, Hammurabi 282 Principles of Trading, Trader Interviews, Day Trading Education, Day Trading Psychology, Market Psychology, Stock picks and moves, Trading setup, Products & Reviews

This membership will include the following:

  • Live Trading Discord Channel (Discussion, performance updates, feedback)
  • Premium blog posts (Company analysis, Stock Analysis, Projections, Learning Experiences & more)
  • Weekly/Monthly email newsletter:
    • Company Sentiment
    • Asset sentiment
    • Fundamental
    • Technical
  • Hammurabi Trading Education including:
    • 282 code of laws
    • Basic Market “need-to-knows”
    • Investment strategies
    • Beginner, intermediate, advanced training on markets
    • Trading Psychology

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