Business RoadMap

Speiss C&C’s mission is to provide innovative solutions to commercial and end-users in the areas of personal development. Services include coaching, consulting, speaking, and educational programs.

Hammurabi Trading is founded from ideas of King Hammurabi and his 282 code of laws and needing to be principled as a day trader. As a trader, it is essential to maintain your emotional and mental integrity while trading.

If you are interested in the future of Speiss C&C, and Hammurabi Trading, look no further.

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  • December 2020

    • Website Completed
    • Podcast “Evolve” Operational
    • Blog Organized by topic
    • Live Streaming Operational

  • January 2020

    • Men’s mental health program (Basic)
    • Men’s mental health section in the blog

  • June 2020

    • Men’s mental health program (extended)
    • Evolve Podcast on most platforms & Season 1 Finished
    • Apparel
    • Support for Discord Community

  • January 2020

    • Incorporated
    • Live streaming environment acquired
    • Basic trading membership & product launch
    • Email Newsletter Free/Membership

  • March 2020

    • Intermediate membership & product launch
    • Apparel
    • Discord Server