What is Your Life Outside the Box?

Are you living life outside of the box?

What do you consider living outside of the box? What does that look like? How does this phrase make sense to you, and how do you think it makes sense to others? Very rarely do we often find ourselves in a position where we are considering how others think and act in their reality.

To some people, living life outside the box can mean taking more than the usual vacation days off, to others it can mean “my life is a vacation.” I think we as people are so quick to categorize, repel, or absorb the people around us that we often don’t consider what it is we are actually doing; in terms of participating with others.

From an early age, I noticed something that people do, and at the time I didn’t understand it. To me, it was an anomalous behavior people have with groups and society. As I grew older I’ve come to realize more or less what it was that I was witnessing, and how it plays a big part in our lives playing out in the future.

What is this behavior? I think it can be described as the choice we make to participate with others, and what these choices mean for our own version of living outside the box.

When people “opt-in” for something other than them individually, like a friendship or integrating into a bigger network/construct or group, I think part of this idea is sacrificed.

To assimilate, there must be an adjustment on your end. The space you are stepping into is itself a box in its own way, no matter how ridiculous it may seem. For some who are in a cult, and have grown up in this environment and appears normative, others who do not exist in this environment can appear to be living outside the box.

The point is, all at once, there are endless overlays to yours and other spaces you are jointly participating in, and amongst all of this experience, do you know what it means to live outside the box for you?

For me living outside the box is independence. Independence to me means financial freedom. To do whatever I want when I want, and to be surrounded by others who are living in this box that I identify with.

I think the plot to my blog today is:

Do you know what it means to live outside the box for you, and how do you allow your lifestyle (if you are living up to it) thrive in a sea of other random boxes you are apart of.

In a world where you are put on a pedestal as much as ever before, how are you coexisting with society’s ankle weights? How are you coexisting with family and the convenient individuals in your life?

For many readers out there, I think there is another idea that will also resonate. Not everyone is aspiring to have their own version of living outside of the box. They in fact value living within a box with many others! There is a sense of community when you identify with something greater than yourself. For most as well, living outside the box may not sit well.

The idea sounds riskier, nomadic, and maverick like. However, on the service I making it seem so when in reality, we all gravitate towards specific things that make up our box, whether we live in or strive to live out of it.

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