The Actionable Narrative: We Can Do Better than One-Dimensionality

*This is not a “new age” post*

Welcome back to the philosophical party! I was reminiscing on some ideas about reality, and I wanted to share the several angles I thought about to maybe come to some sense of a consensus on the following question.

What the hell do we do with all this dimensional overlay in our/your/this reality, and then “do” life?

Recently, I’ve been going through some social transitions, and I, in an effort to rationalize my feelings with some intuitive foresight, have concluded that there may be in fact some overlay between systems in reality.

Let me explain.

I think that reality works kind of like a multi overlay of a solar system orbit. The earth rotates and also moves through the universe, beyond that, the planets rotate around the sun, beyond that, the sun rotates in conjunction with the galaxy.

There seems to be a pattern where life has patterns with patterns, actions within actions underneath. It made me think about how reality intersects with bigger parts of itself.

To answer the question above we need to focus on this idea of how there is an infinity of systems playing within each other, combined with the idea that we operate our lives in multiple ways that use different systems that operate under different dimensional contexts.

For example, it seems that singular actions that someone can potentially make are one dimensional. We know this is true because it is to my knowledge impossible to do two simultaneous actions with one originator and get a 100% directed impact on both actions. You could argue this concept in monogamy versus polygamy. Is it possible to focus on two and yield not only a healthy outcome but a 100% successful relationship for both?

My perspective is that one-dimensionality is all “cause and effect,” submitting to either side of duality, all things in life that seemingly can and stereotypically cannot give you fulfillment. You can argue that decisions and choices are one dimensional, and the choices and decisions you make in life will never actually lead you to happiness alone.

Maybe, depending on what you want from one-dimensionality determines the kind of effects that come to pass? Maybe we can do more when we intersect one-dimensional actions with multidimensional ones.

So what is a multidimensional action, if it has action potential, or is it something else? What in life reverberates multidimensional actions from the one dimensional? We know that something has to happen from one source to create one dimensional. When we factor multiple though, does that mean it comes multidimensional?

Alone we may operate as a levy system, only doing one momentary action at a time before switching, for the sake of genetics, science, or something else that explains our biological courses.

Is it with people and objects alone that shape reality, that intertwines with different dimensions to create the multiple? By being a people are we participating passively with one another to create the multidimensional that appears to be before us, and alone, only able to participate on a singular level?

Are we handicapped to operate as we do, or is there more at play? Why is that I operated with my heart in one moment, and switch to head to another? Why can’t we autonomously synchronize with others to create a multilateral interface to create multidimensional experiences first hand?

If I am watching sports through a one-person view as they are in that experiencing it, why can’t I experience their experience?

Dan, we are disconnected from other’s experiences, duh. I know that we are all not connected, or else we would be in some utopian land of consciousness. My question is why are we able to create faux pas dimensional experiences, and yet not able to create real ones?

Maybe it is an evolution that is creating this change. Elon Musk’s Neural Link in its later stages is quoted to have the potential to bring each other into sharing thoughts and conversations without needing to talk.

Without technological advances, will we be able to do what technology makes possible with multidimensional actions/experiences?

I wanted to go back to the unanswered idea. What does it mean to have a multidimensional experience? Could it be in one place while being somewhere else experience another?

Without technology, how does this happen? Medication can be one example of this? It may have the potential to create multiple experiences at once. Why is it difficult to think about these ideas intangibles?

My ending thoughts on one-dimensionality for now is that it holds an extreme utility for how this world as it stands operates. You make a decision, you create an action, and then these actions echo into a delta of other realities you are not a part of directly.

To think that passively you have aided in thousands of actions you are not aware of is a gift to the world.

Maybe in the future, the narrative for one-dimensional actions shift towards the awareness of how these actions echo in multidimensional realities. Would it be nice to always know what effects our actions have? How they will create change.

With the help of technology, maybe we will get a grasp over our role in our developing one-dimensional self and realities connected, or, if not advanced, be totally obliterated by operating in one-dimensionality alone.

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